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“Nearly 300 jobs cut as N.L. looks to make ‘flatter, leaner’ civil service”

— Terry Roberts, CBC News

“We had this government come to office and outright promise there would be no job losses,” All we have seen since they’ve been in office is people lose jobs — except some of their Liberal friends.”

— Jerry Earle, president of NAPE

Reduce costs for government and taxpayers

“A New Liberal Government will complete a comprehensive independent review of the tax system, including tax expenditures. The review will identify ways to simplify the tax system and reduce costs for both government and taxpayers. This type of fiscal due diligence is long overdue.

The objective is to ensure the tax system is competitive and fair. Liberals understand it is critical for our province to remain competitive if we are to position Newfoundland and Labrador as an attractive place to live and work. A more competitive and less cumbersome tax system will attract investment and provide an incentive for young families and businesses to put down roots in Newfoundland and Labrador. Liberals will ensure the tax system is fair to all residents of the province, including seniors and people living on fixed incomes.

— Red Book, Liberal Party NL


Taxpayers are paying more than ever. They raised more than 300 taxes and fees. The review said the levy was a mistake. Their own 2016 budget acknowledged that it would have a negative impact.

Not only is the HST exactly where it was when they took office, but they raised more than 300 taxes and fees.

Dwight Ball and the Liberals said they had an economic plan that people would like, but they didn’t.


Under their leadership the economy has suffered.

Fewer Newfoundlanders are working now than when they took office.


“A New Liberal Government will focus on building a stronger, more diversified economy that supports business growth and job creation. Liberals will also ensure public policy is targeted at attraction and retention of qualified working-age people and their families, including Newfoundlanders and Labradorians and newcomers to our province. In order to grow our economy, we need to grow and sustain our base of working-age people. The Liberal plan for population growth is to create economic conditions for more jobs through diversification and innovation, combined with policies to attract and retain qualified people and their families.

“We will also create a recruitment strategy to encourage ex-patriot Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to return home. Population growth objectives will be reinforced by policies in a range of areas. These include economic policies such as the young entrepreneur retention program, and policies to improve employment opportunities for youth, women, and persons with disabilities. The Liberal plan for population growth will also be supported by family friendly policies such as improving the availability and affordability of child care”

— Red Book, Liberal Party NL


They failed.

“A New Liberal Government will advocate strongly on the province’s behalf to the federal government on issues pertaining to fisheries.”


— Red Book, Liberal Party NL

The Liberals promised to:

  • Pursue joint fisheries management with the federal government;
  • Finalize an agreement with the federal government on the CETA Fisheries Fund;
  • Advocate for a new, fair arrangement for Northern shrimp quotas;
  • Call for full annual scientific assessments of Northern shrimp resources and a plan to study the impact of climate change on the species and its ecosystem.

They didn’t.

“Current regulations deny bus service to children who live closer than 1.6 kilometers from the school they attend. This policy has raised safety concerns among parents, especially for younger children, and also affects the extent to which children are able to participate in extracurricular activities. A New Liberal Government will review the distance criteria for school bus service eligibility, and implement a more flexible policy that meets the needs of students and parents.


— Red Book, Liberal Party NL

Parents are upset children are forced to walk to school in unsafe conditions.

Take politics out of government appointments.

“Legislative review committees are well-established in Canada at both the provincial and federal level. These committees review proposed legislation, offer amendments, and call expert witnesses to provide information. They are an effective way to strengthen the role of elected members and reduce unnecessary partisanship in legislative debates.” 

— Red Book, Liberal Party NL

They made a habit of dropping legislation on the opposition and the public and calling it for debate and a vote without adequate time for scrutiny.


They did not use these committees.

An All-Party Committee on Democratic Reform.

“A New Liberal Government will form an all-party committee on democratic reform. This committee will consult extensively with the public to gather perspectives on democracy in Newfoundland and Labrador, and make recommendations for ways to improve. The committee will consider a number of options to improve democracy, such as changing or broadening methods of voting to increase participation in elections, reforming campaign finance laws to cover leadership contests, and requiring provincial parties to report their finances on a bi-annual basis.”


— Red Book, Liberal Party NL

They waited until the close of their mandate to appoint a committee, leaving the committee with no time to do any work.

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