District of Mount Pearl North

Jim Lester and his wife Michelle grew up and went to school in Mount Pearl. They have three children: Samantha, John, and Caleb.  Together, the family owns and operates Lester’s Farm Inc. while also operating an environmental services division that collects and composts commercial organic waste to be used in beneficial food production.  Every year, Jim and his family provide thousands of pounds of vegetables to local charities and social causes. The farm employs up to 70 people annually, many of which are students who are working their first job. Jim and Michelle are passionate agriculturalists who want to impart the importance of food production, environmental consciousness, and resource management to everyone they meet.  Jim was elected to represent the people of Mount Pearl North in the House of Assembly in a by-election on November 21, 2017. With Jim’s background, he will be the perfect advocate for small and medium sized business, and his work ethic and tireless commitment to getting the job done will be an incredible asset the people of this province.


Facebook: Jim Lester

Twitter: @FarmerJim

Email: JimLester@gov.nl.ca